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By Ray Collins

Dear Reader,

I remember the moment my wife thought I'd flipped.

It was early evening.... EastEnders had started....knowing she never missed an episode, I quietly sneaked away,

See, there was something I was keeping from her...

Suddenly she came into the kitchen just while I was in the middle of my secret experiment. The look on her face was a picture. You could tell she didn't know whether to laugh, or call the doctor.

You might feel the same way. But as you'll see, this strange idea has helped me lose 2 stone over the past 10 months. I could have lost more weight if I wanted to - easily - but I'm happy with how I look and feel now.

And that's not all...

Ever since I took up this bizarre remedy (all 100% natural), I've got more energy , I've slept better, my skin looks healthier, and I can play football with my two young boys until THEY get tired, not me!

So what was I doing that night that had my wife worried about my sanity...?

Could three ingredients.... available in any local shop or market... really help you LOSE weight?

This might sound a little weird, but my wife had caught me carefully measuring spoons of honey, garlic and vinegar into a jar.

The reason? I was trying out something that hundreds of people had urged me to investigate.
If their reports were even halfway true, this had to be explored.

Apparently these three simple ingredients, when combined in a certain ratio, could help you lose weight better than ANY fad diet that the Hollywood set go for.

Not only that... they could also treat a whole bunch of everyday health problems... like coughs, insomnia, low libido, fungal infections, headaches and bad breath.

You'll be amazed at what I found out

Today I'm happy to share everything I've discovered with you. With your permission, I'd like to send you a book packed full honey, garlic and vinegar home remedies.... on a risk free basis.

Try them out and see PROOF with your own eyes. If you're not completely bowled over by what you read - send it back to me. I'll return the price you paid for the book in full.

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How I uncovered the 'forgotten' health remedies of the ancients

My name is Ray Collins. I've spent the last three-and-a-half years writing a natural health newsletter called The Good Life Letter. Twice every week I investigate new and interesting ways everyday foods can help you feel fitter, healthier and slimmer.

During my research honey, garlic and vinegar have cropped up, time and time again. It felt like they were part of some ancient wisdom passed down through the ages.

I wondered to myself: what was so special about these simple ingredients?

On their own, all three have been known to work wonders.... clean wounds, boost your energy, fight infection, help you sleep, moisturise your skin and hair, clean and disinfect your home, soothe rashes and stings.

But as an overweight guy who'd always struggled to shift the pounds, something else got me intrigued....

When used in combination, many claim that honey, garlic and vinegar can help you lose weight... and REDUCE hunger pangs and food cravings.

In a Russian experiment, a group of slimmers took honey, garlic and vinegar daily. They lost an average of 40 pounds. Dieters who didn't take honey, garlic and vinegar lost only 22 pounds.

That's almost DOUBLE the weight loss

A similar thing happened in at least four other studies, in countries including China, England, France, and South Africa.

But it's not just the science. It's the real life stories that fascinate me.

It seems that every week I get an email from one of my readers, reporting their amazing experience with honey, garlic and vinegar. Like this:

"I have gone back to my original size in clothes, I feel very well and it's been a huge boost to my confidence. Furthermore the weight has stayed off... I eat differently now and often include honey, garlic and cider vinegar in a meal."

Now you can discover the SAME recipes that help these people slim faster

Of course, I understand if you're sceptical.

It seems that every day you open the newspaper to read about yet another 'super food'. Some weird fruit that everyone suddenly claims will blast away fat and disease...

....and that it will now be sold for £29.99 a bottle in the local supermarket.

This is what's so brilliant about honey, garlic and vinegar. They're natural and plentiful. They're available everywhere. Your corner shop. Local market. Supermarket. You've probably got them in a kitchen cupboard right now,

They cost very little to buy. They store for ages...

And you can use them to make INSTANT remedies for hundreds of common health problems - including weight loss!

I've put every recipe, tip and remedy I know into a NEW book called The Honey, Garlic and Vinegar MIRACLE. Today you can order it on a risk-free basis and read it at home.

Even if you're in doubt about their powers, give my tips a try. See with your own eyes. You could get almost instant results with ideas like these:

These are just a few of the 129 tips in this book. Each comes with specific, step by step directions and recipes... so you can easily try them out at home.

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I've scoured medical journals, newspapers, old books and blogs. I've taken the real life experiences of hundreds of my newsletter readers. I've explored folk wisdom, old wives' tales and ancient legend.

As you'll discover, this isn't some new 'super-food' or trendy fad...

Saving lives - from ancient Roman times to the First World War

Honey, garlic and vinegar have been used as health remedies throughout the history of civilisation. They were known in ancient Babylonian times, discovered in the tombs of the Pharaohs, and even worshipped as gods.

And just wait until you read about their effects on cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma, stomach pain, headaches, burns and fungal infections.

Everything you need is in the book!

So forget what you think you know about honey, garlic and vinegar. This book will be full of surprises.

You'll discover...

All the remedies are easy to follow. You'll have almost all the ingredients at home already. If not, they're at your local shop, or easily available online.

And best of all...

They cost almost nothing to make.

Not when you compare them to many expensive artificial products in the chemist. And imagine... never having to spend money on horrible slimming milkshakes again!

But don't take my word for it.See for yourself. Read my book at home, and try it out. Click here and we'll do the rest:

If it doesn't help you improve your health significantly within 60 days... or help you lose weight faster... then send it back to me for a FULL REFUND. In fact, you can give me any reason at all. I don't mind.

How's that for an offer?

Save hundreds of pounds... and still enjoy great health

I hope you'll also be surprised by the price. While most diet books and programmes come for £40, £60 or even £80... and while health supplements can cost upward of £20 a MONTH.... you won't have to spend nearly that much.

The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle is normally just £12.49, plus postage and packaging. But for a limited time you can save 20% and get your copy for just £9.99.

With this one book, you'll have all the information you need to make a continuous supply of inexpensive home remedies for the rest of your life

You'll discover:

Even if your loved one thinks you're going stark raving mad, give these a try. You'll be amazed at how my special combinations of honey, garlic and vinegar could improve your health.

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Yours faithfully,

Ray Collins
The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle

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